Thanks for all of your comments - helps me to fine tune the presentation. Of the people who provided feedback 97% said that they world recommend this class to a friend -working for a 100%.

Jim R. Got a deal through the excellent 'Living Social' website to attend one of Glen's introduction to digital photography 3 hr sessions. Excellent. Glen's an accomplished speaker/teacher: calm, clear, patient, assured, humorous and knows his subject. The time flew by. He gave us all invaluable photocopies of the information and talked as through all the basic aspects of photography. I would recommend his classes to anyone who wants to get a clear understanding of how a camera works and how to take great pictures. I'm always a little worried about ending up spending time with a crackpot teacher and wasting money. Not here. Wonderful man, great class. 1/27/12 4 Stars Yelp - Glen Graves Photographer

Mathias S. Attended Glenn's course "Introduction to the Craft of Digital Photography" in Santa Clara and it was great! Content was very balanced between technical know-how of cameras and photography and best practices how to plan, compose and shoot great pictures. Highly recommend the class to anyone who knows the basics of their camera and wants to start putting it all together. 1/23/12 4 Stars Yelp - Glen Graves Photographer

Cherryll S: Just attended Glen's Intro to Digital Photography class. Great combination of technical information and creative design for the novice. Encouraging and fun class! Glen Graves photographer Facebook Page

Nancy J. W. : Thanks Glen! It was a GREAT class and I really appreciate you making yourself - and your expertise - available to newbie/wannabee photographers like me! Can't wait for our first field trip! PhotoArts Main Facebook page

Too much beginner material. Too much showing of his own work. Not enough digital camera work. Not hands-on enough. January 22, 2012

He is an excellent teacher. The course was well crafted and well taught. I look forward to taking more courses from him. January 22, 2012

Very informative. He was able to explain in simple terms the relationship between lens opening and shutter speed for optimum picture insulation. I would very much recommend Glen to anyone interested in photography. And he is a nice guy. He has the patience to work with you so you can grasp the concept. January 22, 2012

Great Intro/overview class if you know nothing about using the manual settings on your camera and want to learn more. Would recommend at least reading up on f stop, shutter speed and ISO before you go to the class... Glen is a great photographer and I can't wait for the field trips!
January 23, 2012

very informative and useful information to get you going on your own January 23, 2012

I attended Glen's Introduction to Digital Photography seminar. It was a perfect mix of technical information (for the amateur photographer) combined with creative composition. He's knowledgeable, informative and inspiring. Look forward to attending other workshops Glen presents. January 25, 2012

Very informative, but BORING. And not enough personal attention that I needed with my camera. Lotta talk, not alot action. January 25, 2012

More hands on instruction would be very helpful when learning the different settings etc., its hard to know how things work until you try it on your camera. But overall great class and valuable information. Can't wait to start shooting! January 25, 2012

Amazing class. Glen renewed my passion for photography. February 19, 2012

Glen was really organized, had great input, advice and information. I learned to much during that time, well worth it!! February 19, 2012

Thank you for a most informative, well prepared class. Your photos are beautiful and informative. I really appreciate your desire to share and teach the art of visual beauty as it really exists. I plan on taking more classes in the future. February 20, 2012

I enjoyed the class would love to do a field trip as part of part 2 after the introduction. February 21, 2012

I was under the impression this was a introduction class for people getting to know the basics in how to use their digital camera. It was very confusing and should of been taught to intermediate or advanced people. I heard a lady in back of me comment that even after taking this class three times she would still be confused. I feel it was a waste of money for me. The instructor was very pleasant. April 2, 2012

I enjoyed the class. Great info and handouts. Wonderful sense of humor! April 18, 2012

Very informational. Instructor provided a lot of information and provided helpful printouts. He answered all questions and made good use of the four hour class. April 19, 2012

Not only was it professional but it was a very comforting environment. I felt extremly comfortable with Glen. I can't wait to do it again. April 26 2012