Someone recently asked me an excellent question!  Why would anyone choose to take a PhotoArts Marin’s class rather than another digital photography classes?

PhotoArts Marin’s classes teach, “what works” as a foundation for understanding and successfully using the Craft of Digital Photography. This class will also introduce the fundamentals of Design and Art and how they can be used to appreciate and create great photographs.

PhotoArts Marin’s classes are for students who own or be about to purchase a Digital Camera capable of Manual Settings.

PhotoArts Marin’s classes are not underwritten by any manufacturer or distributor and will not be. I will suggest that you only purchase two items: one which will cost less than $20.00 and the other which costs less than $100.00 (much less if you shop around) - both of which will dramatically improve the quality of your images.

PhotoArts Marin’s classes will not promise to teach you everything about the craft of photography and your camera in 4 or even 8 hours – that is an impossible task – too much to absorb.

PhotoArts Marin’s classes are small - 10 people. When the class size is too large asking questions and interactive / productive dialogue is next to impossible.

PhotoArts Marin’s classes teach how to address some of the “issues” that make digital photography so challenging. Digital photography, with all of its options, is difficult to teach and for students to understand.

PhotoArts Marin’s Fundamentals class will include a guide for each attendee's camera that will show them what they need to know to best use the camera's auto and manual functions.

PhotoArts Marin’s Fundamentals class will include a detailed booklet on what is covered in the class and a special camera bag "cheat sheet" covering the craft / technical issues of digital photography.

About the presenter:

I initially attended a four year college where I studied to become a teacher. I am the son of a teacher. I have 30 years experience teaching and mentoring photography students. I have been shown, over this past 30 years, that sharing my knowledge and experience with aspiring photographer/artists is very valuable to them it is also a whole lot of fun for me.

I attended the Brooks Institute in the mid 1970s when there was only one acceptable standard: excellence in craft and quality – without compromisewithout exceptionwithout excuses. I bring that same commitment to these classes.

I have been honing my craft and art as a “personal/portrait” photographer for over 30 years.

I have been a working commercial, both in studio and on location, for over 20 years using primarily large format (4x5) and medium format (2.25x2.75) film cameras.

My work has been repeatedly published worldwide. I have worked with GM, Ford and Chrysler, US Air, the Lear Corporation, the New York Port Authority, Baker Furniture, Lazy Boy Furniture, the Robb Report, the Wine Spectator, Architectural Digest, the New York Times, many of the top wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties, numerous architects and interior designers nation wide and an incalculable number of large and small businesses who want to get the best images from their limited marketing budget.  All of these clients required special problem solving and the experience needed to get creative, high quality images quickly and inexpensively. That 20+ years of personal experience and the ability to apply “what works” is the key to my success as a photographer and is the foundation for these classes.