PhotoArts Marin’s classes are for students who own or be about to purchase a digital camera capable of Manual Settings. Assistance with that purchase is available.

Someone recently asked me an excellent question!  Why would anyone choose to take a PhotoArts Marin’s class rather than another digital photography classes?

PhotoArts Marin’s classes and workshops are Dedication to Create, to Teach and Preserve the Craft and Art of Photography. A quality educational experience is dependent on the expertise, the communication skills of the instructor and their willingness to freely share their knowledge. Most importantly, a teacher must have the ability to say these three powerful words "I Don't Know". The all too common "fake it till you make it" approach leads to endless unsolvable problems and the students giving up because they they don't think they are intelligent enough to get it or that it is too much work.

PhotoArts Marin’s Private classes are taught in the student's home and group classes are taught at a rented classroom. Both of which reduces overhead so that PhotoArts Marin's financial investment is in providing a qualtiy educational experience not cutting corners while struggling to pay expensive rents.

PhotoArts Marin’s Visualize 1 Workshops teach, “what works”and builds a strong foundation for understanding and successfully using the Craft of Digital Photography. This workshop will also introduce the fundamentals of Design and Art and how they can be used to create great photographs which will be covered in Visualize 2

PhotoArts Marin’s classes are not underwritten by any manufacturer or distributor and will never be.

PhotoArts Marin’s classes are small so that questions can be asked and answered successfully.

PhotoArts Marin’s Private Classes are custom designed to meet each student's goals and scheduled to work with each student's time frame

PhotoArts Marin’s first Visualize 1 class: The Fundamentals of the Craft and Art of Digital Photography will include a guide for each student's camera, detailed booklet on what is covered in the class and a special camera bag "cheat sheet" covering the craft / technical issues of digital photography.

All classes are taught by Glen Graves who is personally Dedication to Create, to Teach and Preserve the Craft and Art of Photography

I initially attended a four year college where I studied to become a teacher. I have 30 years experience teaching and mentoring photography students.

I attended the Brooks Institute in the mid 1970s when there was only one acceptable standard: excellence in craft and quality – without compromisewithout exceptionwithout excuses. I bring that same commitment to these classes.

I have worked with with Fortune 500 companies nation wide such as GM, Ford and Chrysler, US Air, the Lear Corporation, the New York Port Authority, Baker Furniture, Lazy Boy Furniture and many of the top wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties.. My work has been repeatedly published world wide in such publications as Marin Magazine, the Robb Report, the Wine Spectator, Architectural Digest and the New York Times.