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Peer Review Critique

The Wednesday night sessions have been very successful. Experienced photographers are sharpening their skills, aspiring photographers are learning from the more experienced. Everyone is sharing their knowledge and support - some natural born teachers are seeing their abilities develop. 
The Saturday sessions are an attempt to offer this unique critique to more people throughout the Bay Area.

Ten people Maximum
Five presenters Maximum - Ten images each - Fee per presenter is $10.00

Over the past few years, I have had many students ask, “What is a good photograph?” This is a very complicated question and the process is often very murky. 

The complicated part: 
Photography is a wonderful art form that can be either crystal clear and sharp, such as in photojournalism, or oblique, ethereal and textual.

The murky part: 
1. Most “masters/experts” are mostly bluster and belittle a person’s work because they don’t have the photography or communication skills to discuss the photographs constructively. This beat down can easily break the spirit of the emerging artist.

2. There are organizations who judge a photographers’ work based on clear razor-edged rules that force the artist into a box. Too often these “reviews” are led someone who may or may not be qualified, are very brief and offer few constructive comments.

3. There is the Salon, which is typically a small group that reinforces their own particular approach and does little more than massage the "select" members egos.

The answer part: 
There is a tested, tried and true approach that I have personally seen work many many times – that is a structured peer review and critique. SF Camerawork’s member review/critiques are the template for these Peer review/critiques. 
The experience of hearing the wide-ranging points of view from the group and the director helps a person understand what constitutes a good photograph and how to enhance their own work.

Space is limited = To register as a presenter please go to the attached link.

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