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Fundamentals of the Craft and Art of Digital Photography

The Fundamentals workshop covers why it is very important to ignore 90% of what your camera manual says that your camera can do and learn how to use that very valuable 10% to create consistently high quality images. Learning to play with the other 90% comes later.

visualize |ˈviZH(ə)wəˌlīz| verb [ with obj. ] 
To make (something) visible to the eye: 
“Great photographs are not taken, they are made”. Ansel Adams

Fundamentals of the Craft and Art of Digital Photography:
We will discuss how to best use your camera’s auto functions and why it is important to understand and manually control the ISO, quality, white balance and file format settings.   We will then go into how to use the manual functions of the camera to determine the correct exposure, which is critical for creating quality digital images and how the elements of design and art can transform your images from ordinary to extraordinary.
Included:  The class is four hours long and includes a class guide,an “easy operation guide” for your camera and an "everything you ever need to know about photography" cheat sheet.  Approximatley three hours will be spent in the classroom and the last hour helping the student with their cameras.
Required: A digital camera that can be set to manual
Maximum 10 people
$150.00 per person

Camera Work 1:
These is a Class on beginning to use your camera and the Zone system to create high quality digital images.
Required: Fundamentals of the Craft and Art of Digital Photography or proof of proficiency.
Students should be able to: Set their camera to manual, Set the camera's ISO, shutter speed, FStop / Aperture and recognize the EV meter. 
Three hours:
Classroom - South San Rafael + Field trip
Maximum 10 people

Camera Work 2:
These is a Micro Class that will expand on Camera Works 1 and will cover how to fully use the Zone System to create high quality images.
Required: Camera Works 1 or proof of proficiency with using the manual function of your camera.  
Three hours:
Field trip: TBD
Maximum 10 people

Please note that these classes requires a 7 day written notice to reschedule.