PhotoArts Marin was created in 2007 and teaches a wide range of adult and youth classes that range from The Foundation of the Craft and Art of Photography,  Visualize: The Art of Seeing and Capturing the Artistic Vision,  to the most advanced masters classes to Photoshop. These are all private sessions designed to meet the needs and goals of the aspiring photographer / artist student.
      I believe that photography is a truly unique art form capable of both clearly capturing the real world and as a tool for fanciful artistic expressionism.  Every image is as unique as it’s maker and there is no substitute for the commitment to create the best image possible without relying on post production repairs or disguise. 

      For several years I attempted to teach larger classes of ten to twenty students.  What I now know is that group Fundamentals Classes don't work because there isn't enough time available to help someone to learn how to use their camera which makes it is impossible to move forward without that knowledge.

        In a recent class with a Photoshop student I was asked to help them understand the selection / extraction techniques.  They sent the link for the YouTube video that they had spent hours trying to work with.  Upon opening the video I noted the date it was created three years old which is several lifetimes in the world of Photoshop CC.   With the conversion to the cloud these YouTube videos are outdated as soon as they are posted.