I am often asked “Will I be a better photographer if I buy this camera, this lens or this software program”. The answer is always, and always will be, no. The goal should always be to learn the gear/software that you have and then make changes as needed. Substance wins over style.
I am closing out PhotoArts Marin mid 2020 and creating one concentrated web site via PhotoArts California. As I have for the past 12 years I will continue to teach quality photography classes that are successful either in person or via streaming video.

Committed to Create and Teach the Art and Craft of Photography

     PhotoArts Marin was created in 2007 and teaches one to one adult and youth photography classes because of the fact that group classes simply don’t work and the craft and art skills necessary for old school film photographers is the key to success.

The basics for the new photographer: Camera Works = How to work with that very mystifying camera and The Foundation of the Craft and Art of Photography (link)

All levels of Photoshop (link)

The pinnacle of the craft and art skills set: To Visualize: The Art of Seeing and Capturing the Artistic Vision (link)

Masters classes in the Craft and Art of Photography _ these are taught specifically to address the needs of the advanced student

All of these are all in person or a combination of in person and live streaming private sessions. Every class is designed to meet the needs and goals of the aspiring photographer / artist. All Classes are arranged to work with the student’s schedule, taught in their home and designed to work with how they learn.

Eight hour Introduction to Photography a/o Photoshop class = $650.00
Cost per two hour class after the first is $180.00

 I believe that photography is a truly unique art form capable of both clearly capturing the real world and as a tool for fanciful artistic expressionism.  Every image is as unique as its maker and there is no substitute for the commitment to create the best image possible and photoshop is used to enhance a good image or create something wonderful..  Glen Graves

Private live streaming classes are taught though PhotoArts California. Reaching outside Marin County has been limited by time and distance, now a student can now take  a proven successful photography/photoshop class anywhere in the world.

Please contact me for more information 415-450-1079

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