Chasing the moon in San Francisco.  The first in a series of classes on the urban landscape at night. 

Chasing the moon in San Francisco.  The first in a series of classes on the urban landscape at night. 

There are a number of reasons to pick PhotoArts Marin's private classes over group classes:

  1. All of the private sessions are taught by Glen Graves which makes  it is possible to go a very long ways in learning the craft and art in much less time. 

  2. The classes are scheduled to work with the student's schedule whether it is days, nights or weekends.

  3. The classes are broken up into manageable times: approximately one and half hour session. Trying to cover too much too quickly only adds to confusion and poor out comes. 

  4. The classes are designed to meet the goals and expectations of the student. 

  5. The classes can cover a wide range of subjects, from how to use the auto functions of the camera (for someone with an new camera and leaving on a trip) to master's classes using a large format camera.  

  6. The classes are designed to teach to the way a student learns. Every class is unique to the student.

  7. These classes lead, not push,  the student to success.

"Glen is a fantastic teacher who helped my partner and me get comfortable using manual mode on our cameras.  I had tried to master this, but failed, so many times, with so many teachers who delivered more information more quickly, than I could assimilate or put into practice.  Glen is generous, caring, patient, has a wonderful sense of humor that puts everyone at ease, is attuned to each person's rhythms and needs, gives great tips on both technique and art, breaks it all down into simple, easily applied methods, and holds your hand until you get it.  I felt comfortable asking all my questions and he made sure I got them all answered. It really takes an experienced, seasoned pro and a very mature, gracious human being to be able to do all this!  We took an afternoon class where he provided great handouts (personalized to each person's camera!) and an extremely helpful hands-on practice session. Another day, we met him at the farmers market and he took us around and coached us on the fundamentals of getting great shots and mastering our equipment.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

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