This is a composite of nine images including a  Daguerreotype  overlay.

This is a composite of nine images including a Daguerreotype overlay.

The vast majority of photographs that are taken today are taken with camera phones, the new point and shoot camera.  For those with modern DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras, the vast majority of photographs are taken using the camera's auto settings which adds layer upon layer of problems.  Lightroom is a dumbed down version of Photoshop and don't offer the quality standard required by the photographer/artist or someone simply trying to fix their photos.  The Private Photoshop classes will give the student a solid foundation, the tools needed to explore and work with their photographs independently.

These private sessions are arranged to fit your schedule, held at your home and are designed to address your goals, how you learn, work flow and creative questions... 

In a recent class with a Photoshop student I was asked to help them understand the selection / extraction techniques.  They sent the link for the YouTube video that they had spent hours trying to work with.  Upon opening the video I noted the date it was created three years old which is several lifetimes in the world of Photoshop CC.  With the conversion to the cloud these YouTube videos are outdated as soon as they are posted. 

Four hour Introduction to Photography a/o Photoshop class = $380.00
Eight hours = $650.00
Cost per two hour class after the first is $180.00

For more information please go to the contact link below or email me directly. Also,  please add: to your email list to avoid the spam filters.. 

This is a composite of three images.

This is a composite of three images.