The gift of education is something that will last for a lifetime.  That gift which teaches the craft skills and art of photography can profoundly change how we see, understand and interact with our world.

These classes are for every skill level from beginner to advanced and for ages 15 and above.

Gift certificates:
Four hours of in person and/or steaming classes = $385.00
Eight hours of in person and/or steaming classes = $650.00
Young photographers eight hours of classes = $500.00
Gift certificates are also available in dominations of $100.00 which can be combined with other gift certificates or applied when the student purchase the classes

Each gift certificate can be designed with your special message, custom text and your supplied Images.

They can be emailed as high resolution PDF files or printed on fine card stock and are available for pick up within 12 hours of the purchase

Gift Certificate.png


Gift Certificate2.png

Christmas / Holidays

Gift Certificate3.png

Retirement - Special adventures

Gift Certificate4.png

Graduation - Special events

Each Gift Certificate is custom designed. They can include your supplied photograph and design ideas