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I have been teaching Photography and Photoshop classes for eleven years and four years ago I came to the realization that group classes simply don't work, especially when it comes to the Fundamentals Classes and Photoshop. The private classes have been wonderfully successful but traffic, travel time and work schedules have withheld these classes from many people ( PhotoArts Marin ). Creating ( PhotoArts California ) has made it possible to overcome those limitations and make a quality proven successful educational experience available to anyone everywhere arranged to work with their schedule.

In the Fundamentals classes we discuss about how help the student work successfully with their very complicated camera and then apply those lessons to creating quality photographs.

The Photoshop classes share the students screen and guide them on the path to work with the tools, menus and workflow to help them reach their goals.

The first step is setting up a free video conference to see if there is a fit and to discuss your goals. ( Contact PhotoArts California ). I hope to talk with you soon..

Four hour Introduction to Photography a/o Photoshop class $380.00
Cost per two hour class after the first is $180.00