Point Bonita Lighthouse. One of the weekend field trips.

Point Bonita Lighthouse. One of the weekend field trips.

The Young Photographers Classes were created to teach young students this wonderful art form.  These classes enable the student to see and express their vision and teach them a craft and an art that will enrich them for a life time. I believe that these young students are the future of the art of photography and sharing their enthusiasm and process of discovery has been one of the greatest experiences and inspirations of my career.  Before moving to San Rafael, I worked for three years with Tanya Braunstein in Santa Rosa High Schools Art Quest photography program as their "guest photographer / artist.”  During the past six years I have worked with many young students ranging in age from thirteen to eighteen and the private classes have been very successful on many levels. *(References below and more are available on request”.

The Private Young Photographers series of classes totaling eight hours are held in one to one and a half hour minimums.  They include a class guide, an “easy operation guide” for their camera, an "everything you ever need to know about photography" reference sheet. And, most importantly, the individualized hands on experiences necessary for success.  Each private session is created for how the student learns, designed to meet the student's interest and arranged to fit the student's/parent's schedule. The first session is held at the student’s home and subsequent classes will be held either at the home at various locations dependent on the student's interest, age and the parents schedule.

The Private Individual class is $650.00 per student
Semi-Private, classes (three students maximum) can be arranged on request.

In addition, there will be two weekend field trips per month beginning in late spring and continuing through the summer and early fall. The cost per field trip is $20.00 plus incidentals, such as the ferry fee to Angel Island.  A student must have taken at least one private class with PhotoArts Marin in order to participate in these field trips.
Parents are strongly encouraged to attend. 

Field Trips:

  • Visualize: Learning to slow down, see and create artistic images: the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park

  • Photo Journalism / EDL (Every Day Life): Marin Farmers Market

  • Telling the story: The Natural / Urban Landscape @ Marin Headlands & Point Bonita Lighthouse

  • Telling the story: The Natural / Urban Landscape @ Angle Island

  • Creating a Sense of Place and a Sense of Space: China Camp and Marin Civic Center Creating a Sense of Place and a Sense of Space: Green Gulch Zen Center

  • Full Moon rise Over the Golden Gate Bridge and Night photography:


Why I only teach Private or Small Semi-Private Classes:

Several years ago I taught six young photographers group classes over the course of two summers and I learned that the logistical and schedule challenges of summer vacations and absences significantly eroded the value of these group classes. Summers are very busy with family trips, other summer camps and a long list of other commitments. This inevitably lead to missed classes and making up lost ground and keeping the class in synch, was next to impossible.  Some young people are very mature and responsible at fourteen and others are struggling with this at eighteen. All individuals have different learning styles. Mixing a class with thirteen year olds and seventeen year olds is not a good idea.  in short, I learned that trying to make this dramatic mix of ages, maturity, and interests  work in a group does a disservice to everyone. 

I am writing to highly recommend Glen Graves who has been our 14 year old son's photography and Photoshop teacher the past four months. We have been extremely impressed by Glen's dedication and commitment to teaching. He is well prepared, thoughtful, conscientious and communicates well. He is clearly very experienced and works very well with teenagers. He is always positive, non judgmental, encouraging and inspires confidence in my son's efforts and work. We give him the highest recommendation. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions at all.
Thank you, Michelle Gannon, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist 415 905 8830

My fifteen year old son Walker took Glen’s photography class this summer. I picked the class because it didn't' meet everyday, so Walker would have the time to absorb and appreciate all the information, and to practice. Walker loved learning from a professional photographer. Walker told me that “Glen knows so much but he teaches slow enough that I can understand him”. Glen’s course is well organized with the threads of craft and artistic vision alternating throughout. Walker particularly enjoyed the field-trips. Besides providing new sources of images, they reinforced class concepts. For instance, Walker only understood the idea of photojournalism after visiting China Camp and hearing Glen’s stories of the history there. I highly recommend Glen’s courses.
Beth Touchette-Laughlin Mother, Former Teacher

Thank you so very much Glen- you have been much more than a photography teacher!  B*** (15) has not only started to really embrace the art and skill of photography but is feeling much better about himself!  For that we are most grateful!!! May 14, 2016

To Visualize: To imagine & To make real

To Visualize: To imagine & To make real