Point Bonita Lighthouse.  One of the weekend field trips. 

Point Bonita Lighthouse.  One of the weekend field trips. 

Glen Graves Young Photographer's classes

I have learned a great deal by teaching these wonderful young people. Personally, these classes are about much more than an income stream. They are about helping young people to have a voice and an art / craft to express their vision.

Before moving to San Rafael, I worked for three years with Tanya Braunstein in Santa Rosa High Schools Art Quest photography program as their "guest photographer / artist.” These student photographer / artists are the future of the craft and art of photography; sharing their enthusiasm and process of discovery has been one of the greatest experiences and inspirations of my career.

I attended the Brooks Institute in the mid 1970s and have been a commercial / architectural, personal portrait photographer, mentor teacher for the past 35+ years. I have worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies nationwide and had my work published world wide.

I am writing to highly recommend Glen Graves who has been our 14 year old son's photography and Photoshop teacher the past four months. We have been extremely impressed by Glen's dedication and commitment to teaching. He is well prepared, thoughtful,conscientious and communicates well. He is clearly very experienced and works very well with teenagers. He is always positive, non judgmental, encouraging and inspires confidence in my son's efforts and work. We give him the highest recommendation. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions at all.
Thank you, Michelle Gannon, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist 415 905 8830
My fifteen year old son Walker took Glen’s photography class this summer. I picked the class because it didn't' meet everyday, so Walker would have the time to absorb and appreciate all the information, and to practice. Walker loved learning from a professional photographer. Walker told me that “Glen knows so much but he teaches slow enough that I can understand him”. Glen’s course is well organized with the threads of craft and artistic vision alternating throughout. Walker particularly enjoyed the field-trips. Besides providing new sources of images, they reinforced class concepts. For instance, Walker only understood the idea of photojournalism after visiting China Camp and hearing Glen’s stories of the history there. I highly recommend Glen’s courses.
Beth Touchette-Laughlin Mother, Former Teacher
Thank you so very much Glen- you have been much more than a photography teacher!  B*** (15) has not only started to really embrace the art and skill of photography but is feeling much better about himself!  For that we are most grateful!!! May 14, 2016

The Young Photographers series of workshops totaling eight hours.  It includes a class guide, an “easy operation guide” for the camera and an "everything you ever need to know about photography" cheat sheet.
Micro Classes (five student or less) are $450.00 per student>

Private sessions will be designed to meet the student's interest and arranged to fit the student's / parent's schedule. The first session held at the students home and subsequent classes working with the camera will be held at various locations dependent on the student's interest, age and the parents schedule.
Parents must be present if the student is under 14.
Private Classes are eight hours at $500.00

To Visualize: To imagine & To make real

To Visualize: To imagine & To make real

Number 1 - 4 are the basics classes which will teach the fundamentals which will create a solid foundation for future private or high school classes. 

#1 - An Introduction to the Craft & Art of Digital Photography- Ten students only. This class or equivalent is required for all future classes a/o field-trips.

This class will teach of how to use the auto & manual functions of the camera, use the Zone Exposure system and begin the discussion of how to develop the artist's eye.

#2 - Learning to slow down, see and create artistic images - Mindful Photography.

One of the biggest challenges we all face is to slow down and actually see the world in front of us. This class will cover how to see an object or scene and then capture it as a work of art. This was a very successful class for the summer students.

#3 - Introduction to Post Production Processing(working with digital media files): Picasa (free), Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Cs.

The creative capabilities of this companion art form are endless and it's immediate feedback is something that works well and is within easy grasp of most tech savvy teen.

#4 - Photo Journalism / EDL (Every Day Life)
Location: TBD 

Number #5 - #8 are specific classes which the young photographer my want to explore.

#5 - Telling the story The Natural / Urban Landscape @ Marin Headlands.
Location: Studio Point Bonita Lighthouse, Headlands Center for the Arts & Cavallo Point - 11:00 - 3:00

#6 - Creating a Sense of Place and a Sense of Space
Location: China Camp and Marin Civic Center. - 11:00 - 3:00 

Full Moon and Photoshop

Full Moon and Photoshop

#7 - Full Moon rise Over the Golden Gate Bridge
Date and Time Dependent on - well - you know. 

Photoshop Classes are also available.